Native Code Editor

Native code editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, auto indentation, light/dark themes and custom keyboard.

Shader Input Management

Manage attributes, uniforms and varyings from an easy data driven iOS interface.

Vertex Data Generation

Generate vertex attribute data for your programs such as position, texture coordinates and normals with a variety of mappings and primitives.

3D Mesh File Import

Import positions, normals, texture coordinates and colors from various file formats (obj, ply, md2, dae, blend) via iTunes File Sharing.

Texture Management

Manage up to 8 unique textures including GL environment settings. Use images from your Photo Roll and realtime camera streaming.

Uniform Binding

Control your programs in real time by simply binding uniforms to various device features such as multi-touch, motion and screen dimensions.

Example Programs

Various examples are included from simple pixel shaders to fractals to 3D lighting. Examples can be cloned as a starting point for new programs.

Runtime Options

Choose either perspective or orthographic projection, animated or static rotation, Retina Display resolution (if available) and more.

Shader Export

Export your vertex and fragment shader source code at any point either via iTunes File Sharing or email attachment.

Vertex Data Export

Export vertex data as C static arrays for easy integration into outside projects. Use GLSL Studio as a portable 3D file converter!

System requirements: iOS 4.0 or higher Compatible with: iPhone 3GS, iPod 4th Gen, iPad or higher